I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Sweetpea

We're happy to tell you that Sweetpea has a new furever home.
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Hello, my name is Sweetpea and vets guess my age around 8 years old.  I'm a Miniature Poodle.  Pull up a chair and I'll tell you my rescue story.

I was found as a stray right when the weather was getting cold.  I had no sweater or jacket to keep me warm.  I didn't even have any hair.  I was missing about 75% of my hair.  Someone found me and brought me to a shelter.  A shelter is a nice place for when a stray dog like me is trying to survive outside. I had no food, no shelter and no warmth.  That all changed when I went into the shelter.

But my days were short at the shelter because one of the workers there showed a picture to my TAR Angels and they knew I was the type of dog they help.  My foster Mom dropped everything she was doing to come get me and I got my Freedom Ride.  

When I came to my foster home I was showed where I get to sleep.  Can you believe it?  I had my own doggie bed that was fluffy and had blankets.  There were other little dogs in that room, and we all did our sniffing.  If you believe in dog communication, one of them told me this is foster Grandma's room and this is where all the littles hang out.  

Within 2 days I ditched my doggie bed, and I made my place in my foster Grandma's bed.  Oh, it's so much warmer and comfier.

I went to a doggie vet, and he was saddened the shape I was in.  I had to take a blood test - ouch!  But the doggie vet was amazed all the things they look for on the test had great scores.  My body or look was because I was malnourished.  I was sent home with instructions to eat and eat lots and really good food.  That was SO easy!

I put on some weight and some of my hair grew back.   Before I was getting spayed, I went to a doggie salon so they can get rid of all the mats that I had.  I'll be honest, I didn't like the Groomer.  I was too scared, so my foster Mom came for me.  She has a nice, patient touch so little by little she cleans me up.  I don't mind the bath but the clippers - are scary!

I'm now ready for my foster home.  I like to go outside and sit out in the sun.  I'm not a noisy dog. I bark when I want to go potty and when I'm done outside, I will bark.  I get very excited for food, and I will nudge my family when breakfast is taking too long. 

The other dogs in the house don't bother me.  I think they know I'm the "mature lady" in the house.  There are also cats and sometimes I will bark at them, but I haven't harmed them.

My perfect forever home will be a home that is quiet, and we get to lounge around.  Maybe you will let me sleep with you in your bed or on your lap when we watch TV.  Hint, I love watching the View and the Hallmark channel.  I haven't gone for walks but maybe when the weather warms up, we can take some jaunts around the neighborhood.  When it comes time for me to go to a doggie salon, I hope that person is super patient and nice.  I do take bribes - hot dogs and chicken are my favorite.




is located in our foster home in Aurora.  To meet Sweetpea, please complete an adoption application at:  https://treasuredanimalrescueinc.org/application-dog-adoption/

Sorry, Treasured Animal Rescue does not adopt out of the State of Illinois

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