Lucy –6 year old Pekinese Mix

Lucy was found as a stray and was facing a plethora of health issues: emaciated, nails overgrown that were growing into the pads of her paws, skin & ear infections but more importantly; Heart worm Disease. When Lucy came to foster care she shivered because she had patches of fur missing but was also afraid of people. The loving hands of her foster home helped Lucy come around and out of her shell. Lucy’s health improved immensely. Her fur grew back as she completed her heart worm treatment.  In Lucy’s forever home she is so loved and cherished that her days of being afraid and alone.

Quincy–2 year old Yorkie

Quincy came from a Backyard Breeder in Southern, IL.  They were also hoarding 23 + animals. Quincy was one 3 Yorkies rescued but was in the worst condition. When he came off the transport van he was in shock. It took his Foster Mom 30 minutes for him to come out of his frozen shock. In that 30 min of holding him and telling him everything will be alright, fleas and bugs were crawling all over him and the foster Mom. After 3 flea baths, Quincy was clean and there was a beautiful boy underneath. But Quincy’s battle was not over. He was also a very frightened little boy with people.  He, obviously trusted his foster Mom but with time and patience he learned Humans were okay and he found his forever home.  Quincy today loves going to the Dog Park with his new Mom and Grandma.   

Enzo – 1  year old French Mastiff mix

When a large breed dog is found in a high-kill shelter he faces 1 strike. When he is marked as a heart worm positive dog –that is two strikes.  Enzo, our Big Hunk of Love was facing 2 strikes. A large breed dog sitting in a gassing pound in MO –his days were limited.  Enzo came emaciated, patches of fur were missing, yeast infection, scabs from being bitten and then his heart worm disease.  He was placed on a Holistic dog food diet to improve his immune system asap and then he started his heart worm treatment as his search for his Forever Family was found.  His family loves him immensely and he the same by protecting them.  This Big Hunk of Love deserved the best and he got it!

Tucker –2 year old Shepherd mix

Tucker, a Shepherd found at a high-kill Southern, IL shelter once had to eat scraps of food and sleep on the hard, cold concrete; now gets Pup-Cups at Starbucks as his treat for being a good boy (which he is!) and spends his day frolicking on a boat with his other rescued 4-legged sister.  Ahh, the joys of being a rescued pup!

Mason – 1 1/2 year old Plot Hound/Lab mix

Mason was facing the two strikes; large breed and also heart worm positive as he sat in a high-kill Southern, IL shelter for months. This young Boy should have been running around in a backyard, playing –not be in kennel.  But he waited patiently for his rescue and then his Forever Dad. When his Dad came for him at his Meet & Greet he knew.  He knew by crawling into his lap and never left.  It was hard to tell who had The Biggest smile:  Mason or his new Papa!!  Hooray for Mason!!!

Kirby – 1 year old Wire Haired Terrier

Kirby was one of the Three Musketeers.  He and his two other brothers were located at a high-kill shelter in MO.  Their owners left them alone, in their backyard during  the HOT Summer with no shade, while their owners went on vacation.  A neighbor was not keen on that situation and thought it was better to open the gate & let them loose.  Animal Control picked them up and they were brought to the shelter. They sat their for weeks while the owners were on vacation.  Shelters have a hold time and that time came & went.  The Three Musketeers came to IL and Kirby, the smallest brother (and the sweetest) was placed with a family that truly LOVES him and Kirby feels the same.

Buster – 3 year old Bulldog/Pittie mix

Everyone needs a buddy and Buster had a buddy; even in a high-kill shelter.  His buddy was getting rescued and when the Shelter asked if Buster can come along for transport; an exit out of the shelter.  You can’t leave his mate behind so his foster Mom said YES … the magic words all shelter pups like to receive.  His buddy got adopted right away but really, Buster got the winning ticket because his foster Mom foster-failed And adopted Buster. Buster, aka Mr. Marshmallow or Bubba is a sweetie and very much loved in his Forever home.